Parenting Children: Little Mommy Dolls: Wouldn’t A Real Kid Be Better?

August 28, 2014

Parenting children has just risen to a new level. Now, instead of competing about who has the most up-to-date wardrobe or the fanciest Little Tykes car, your little girl can now boast about her burgeoning mothering skills. Fisher Price’s new Little Mommy Play All Day doll has some convinced it’s a stand in for Chucky. […]

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Parenting Solutions: Top 4 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed In Life

August 21, 2014

Success is more than good grades or great looks. Here are the top 4 ways you can help your child succeed where it counts-life.

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Keeping the Dream Strong: 3 Tips on How to Imagine Your Child’s Success

August 14, 2014

  What do you think the most important factor is in making sure your LD child succeeds? I asked this question to a wide-variety of people: friends, clients, and acquaintances. It didn’t matter whether they were rich or poor, immigrant or native to the U.S. since the Mayflower. Nor did it matter what color they […]

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School Tips: 5 Tips to Ending Homework Wars

August 7, 2014

Do you face a battle every day trying to get your child to do her homework? Here are 5 practical tips that will take you off of the battleground.

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3 Tips on How to Help Your Child Make Friends

July 31, 2014

Listening to reports of your child being made fun of, picked on, or quietly ignored, is difficult for even the most stoic of parents. Childhood friendships, though they may seem simple to adults, are as full of intrigue and drama as a daytime soap opera: one day the girl next door is your daughter’s best […]

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Expressive Language: Why Your Child Doesn’t Ask Why

July 24, 2014

So you’ve managed to improve your child’s expressive language skills. They can converse with people outside of your family. They understand that conversation is a back and forth process, with one person asking, while the other answers. And yet, you find that your child’s speech is curiously flat. After careful consideration, you realize that they […]

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4 Must-Know Tips on Helping Your Child Be Less Aggressive

July 17, 2014

scream and shout, a photo by mdanys on Flickr. It’s happened again. Your third-grader was sent out of class again for shoving a classmate in the hallway. Frustrated, discouraged, you wonder what set him off this time. Was he tired? Did he get a bad grade on a test? Whatever the reason, you’re at a […]

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A Developmental Checklist: Language Development

July 10, 2014

It can be pretty frustrated trying to get a clear picture of what’s wrong with your child. Even after you get a diagnosis, you may still be confused about exactly how to help your child. Unfortunately, I find that many professionals focus on your child’s diagnosis, rather than the whole child. Not only is this […]

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3 Little Known Reasons Why Your Teen Acts Up

July 3, 2014

Parenting middle school children is kind of like a close encounter with an alien species: suddenly the child who was calm, collected, and fairly responsive to parental intervention is an expert on imitating The Blob at one moment, and a raging tiger the next.

What to do?

Here are some tips that will help you understand why that hulking stranger in your child’s bedroom sometimes acts like they do.

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5 Tips to Help Your Child Start School Off On the Right Foot

June 26, 2014

Tips to help your child start off his year successfully

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