Hands on Learning Games: How to Help Your Child Learn Word Families

Being able to hear the individual sounds in words is a critical reading skill. When experienced readers see a new word, they search the word for patterns that are familiar to them from other words that they know. They know that words with the same vowels and ending letters usually rhyme, and they can use […]

How to Solve Stubborn and Disruptive Behavior – Part 1

Raising kids is a lot like riding on a monster roller coaster. Half the time you’re going up the hill, anticipating the drop on the other side. The other half of the time you spend screaming your head off and wishing you could get the heck off – and whoever said this was fun anyway? […]

Raising Children In This Brave New World

I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend among the parenting crowd. I guess it took me a while to catch on; but it somehow it seems to be seeping up through the fabric of our society like sewer water creeps out from underneath a poorly sealed toilet base. It’s bad enough that we seem to have […]

Hands-on Learning Games: Help Your Child Learn to Sequence

Looking to help your child improve his sequencing skills? Here is a fun hands-on learning game that will improve your child’s skills using their favorite children’s songs. Why is sequencing important anyway? Helping your child learn to sequence is important for several reasons. First of all, sequencing allows your child to manage his time effectively, […]

Parenting Solutions: 4 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Your Teenager

Parenting teenagers is definitely not a job for the faint of heart.  Gone are the days when your little one cradled your chin and gave you butterfly kisses on the nose. Instead, parents are faced with disdain, constant criticism, and even downright hostility: you are the “enemy,” the other side, and will probably remain so […]

Hands-On Learning Games: Help Your Child Improve His Handwriting

Have you noticed, or been told by your child’s teacher, that he has trouble writing? If so, there are many different hands-on learning games you can do with your child that can help improve his handwriting ability. Technically termed graphomotor weakness, handwriting problems are not necessarily related to general fine motor issues. Your child might […]