Defiant Child: How to Get ODD Kids to Behave

November 24, 2014

I read a very interesting article on oppositional defiant children a while back that I thought I’d share with you: We all know how difficult it is to get ODD kids to behave. Not only do they know what they want to do, but they are so darn persistent about it they could drive […]

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Learning While Shopping With Your Child

November 17, 2014

Today I’m at, with a guest post on “5 Tips to Improve Your Child’s Learning Skills While Shopping.” In it, I explain how you can help your child boost critical learning skills like visual and auditory memory, with just a few easy – and fun – games you can play together with your preschooler. […]

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Children with Autism: How to Handle Stubbornness and Negativity

November 10, 2014

  It can be immensely frustrating dealing with a stubborn or negative child. Children with special needs prevent a unique challenge, since their delays often make it harder for them to understand another person’s point of view. Add to the picture language delays, an inability to predict consequences, and an unawareness of time, and you’re […]

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The 3 Key Elements of Great Reading Comprehension

November 3, 2014

For some children, understanding what you read just sort of “happens.” There they were busily learning how to read words, and then sentences, and then – BOOM. Somehow those sentences morphed into paragraphs, chapters, and full-length novels that made a lot of sense. Unfortunately, what those children somehow magically possess needs to be specifically taught […]

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Language Development: 6 Reasons Why Your Child Should Believe in Monsters

October 27, 2014

What, you can’t imagine why looking under the bed for that elusive hairy monster with beady black eyes could be a good thing? Actually, being able to imagine things –even unpleasant ones- is critical to your child’s development. Here’s why: 1) Being able to picture things in his mind is the first step towards abstract […]

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School Tips: 7 Effective Study Habits for Children with Learning Disabilities

October 20, 2014

It’s an epic battle on the home front. You, your child, and tonight’s homework. You know your parental duty: make sure your kid does his homework so he can progress in life. Even though you spent at least a third of your life with the ol’ chain and ball, you can’t really see any other […]

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The Truth about Lying

October 20, 2014

Lying is one of those things that’s as old as Adam and Eve. And whether it’s a little white lie told to spare someone’s feelings, or a biggie – everyone, at some point or another, has fallen prey to the temptation. So when I noticed my 6 year old foster daughter lying outright, I wasn’t […]

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ADHD – Learning: Will Ritalin Help My ADD Child?

September 18, 2014

Okay, I know it seems like this subject has been beaten to death. You’ve probably done all the research you can possibly do, and have already made your decision about whether or not you will give your ADHD child Ritalin. So to set the record straight, I’m not going to tell you whether or not […]

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What’s the REAL Reason Parenting Is So Difficult?

September 11, 2014

One of the most difficult things I find about raising children-big or small- is the way it forces you to call upon every one of the abilities you possess (and even some that you don’t). I like to give the example of my job as residence manager at a 24-hour supervised residence for emotionally disabled […]

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Cat Got Your Child’s Tongue? 4 Tips on How to Improve Your Child’s Expressive Language Skills (Language Development)

September 4, 2014

The strong and silent type may be appealing in Hollywood, but when you’re faced with a child who has weak language development, the stark reality of spending days and weeks waiting for your child to reveal even the most uninteresting bits of their day quickly intrudes. You’ve probably noticed how children with weak expressive language […]

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