Hands-on Learning Games:Teaching Kids How to Tell Time

Want to teach your kids how to tell the time? Learning to tell time is one of the skills children naturally enjoy learning.  In my house, I hold back on giving the younger children a real watch until they can tell time. Usually by 5 or so, they’re already begging me to start teaching them. Here […]

Parenting Solutions: How to Teach Your Child to Problem Solve

    There is a lot of talk about teaching children to solve problems on their own. Whole curriculums have been erected by educators determined to train children to “independent thinking” with a host of group games, written exercises, and mind games. If you walk into any bookstore or browse online you’ll be inundated by […]

3 Tips On How to Start the School Year Off On the Right Foot

School is right around the corner, and if you’re like most parents, you probably can’t wait until everyone is back at their desks, and gainfully occupied somewhere other than the living room.  But before you embrace a little freedom, it’s worth it to start thinking of a few simple things you can do to help […]

Parenting Children: When a Mother Leaves Her Child Behind

Rahna Reiko Rizzuto says that she never wanted to be a full-time mother. She came to this discovery after leaving her family behind to pursue a six month fellowship in Japan. When her children came to visit, she says she realized that she had never really wanted to be a mother at all. She adds […]

Hands-On Learning Games: How to Teach Consonant Sounds

Learning letters need not be a painful process where your child is drilled on letter sounds. This is a game that not only teaches your child the consonant sounds, but also helps them learn how to recognize sounds as they naturally occur in words. Materials: Sturdy paper or cardboard-one piece is enough for four letters […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Say No to Therapy

So. You’re raising a child as best as you can. One with “issues” as they say. Raising said child takes up a substantial amount of your time. Between the speech therapy and the play therapy, the sensory diet and the occupational therapy, it’s amazing you and your best beloved even know what the other looks […]