How to Jump Start Your Child’s Language Skills and Transform the Way They Communicate

Let’s face it – good language skills are the key to everything else. Without it, your child won’t manage at home, at school, or on the playground.

You know that. That’s why your child is in speech therapy. Uhhh, how many years did you say they’ve been at it?

The fact is that it doesn’t have to take forever to teach your child to communicate effectively. There are some simple games you can play with him that will get his whole motor going.

Here’s a sample below. And if you finish the articles below and decide you want more, contact me for one-on-one consulting, or to sign up for my upcoming workshop on Super Charging Your Child’s Language.

Let’s get your child back on track –


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  1. I need to remember to play with my preschoolers. With homeschooling I can get so busy with the ones I’m teaching that the little ones get left out. :(

  2. I’m going to be adding printouts for all the hands on learning games on this site over the next few weeks, so hopefully it’ll make it easier for you!

    Playing with the little kids is something I’ve scheduled in; otherwise it doesn’t get done consistently. Sounds terrible, but it’s tempting to “let the kids play” when they’re playing nicely together, so that I can get more work done.

    But I also have a weekly family time, and so on that day – I’m all theirs.

  3. Thank you for this Rachel. Great :-)

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