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Hands-on Learning Games: 2 Games to Improve Your Child’s Visual Memory

hands on learning games

Hands-on learning games are an ideal way to help your child improve his visual memory. If you find your child often has trouble remembering where she places her things, or finds it hard to locate familiar places, then these games, played regularly, can help increase the amount of space on your child's visual "hard drive."

Game #1: Picture Perfect

Gather your materials:

You will need actual objects or pictures of common items, such as: a small ball, fork, toy car, play figure, etc.

Play the Game:

  1. Choose three items. Lay them on the table in a horizontal row in front of your child. Putting your finger on each item, ask your child to name each one.
  2. Then ask your child to leave the room. As she leaves the room, cover the objects with a baby blanket or other suitable material. Then sing a song, asking her to come in.
  3. When she enters, see if she can remember what items are under the blanket, preferably in order.

This game can be played alone, but it is also great fun to play with friends or other family members. Here are some fun variations on the game:

  • Once your child is proficient at remembering three items, you can go up to 4 or more items at a time.
  • Try adding an item after your child leaves the room. She then has to guess which one was added.
  • Try taking away an item. She then has to remember which item is missing.

Tip: In the beginning it will be easier for your child to remember items that are dissimilar, such as a ball, a shoe, and a fork. Later you can make the game more complicated by sticking to one category. For example, you might use a fork, a spoon, and a knife. 3-4 year olds should be able to remember at least three items, while 5-6 year olds should be able to remember at least 4-5 items, sequentially.

Game #2: Devious Dice

Gather your materials:

You will need large foam dice, which can be found at most toy stores.

Play the Game:

1. Start with three dice. Place the dice in a horizontal row in front of your child, then turn the each die randomly.

2. Tell your child to look at the dice for at least 7 seconds; encourage them to look at them for the full amount of time, as often children think they have it down after only a glance, only to find they don't actually remember.

3. Ask your child what numbers they saw, in order.

Here are some variations to this game:

  • Add another die for more of a challenge.
  • Ask your child to remember only the color of each die, to make it easier/
  • Advanced players can have the dice laid out so that there is a die above and/or below another die. They will then have to remember, for example, 2,4, 6, and a 2 under the 6.

Tip: This is a game on the harder end. Play only twice a week, and make it more exciting by taking turns, playing "challenger" rounds, or giving a small prize to the winner. A prize need not be material; it can also be staying up a half-hour past bedtime, or getting to choose the menu for dinner.

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Hands-On Learning Games

Learning While Shopping With Your Child

Today I'm at http://notjustcute.com, with a guest post on "5 Tips to Improve Your Child's Learning Skills While Shopping."

In it, I explain how you can help your child boost critical learning skills like visual and auditory memory, with just a few easy - and fun - games you can play together with your preschooler.

So visit http://notjustcute.com, and let me know what you think in the comments section!

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