Free E-Workbook: Hands-on

Learning Games that Keep Your

Preschooler's Learning Skills



You’ve probably heard teachers moan about how much information children forget over the summer.

In fact, research shows that an average child  loses a full month of general studies, and two months of math skills.

Sitting down and filling in page after page of traditional workbooks, however, is guaranteed to leave both you and your preschooler in a less than happy mood.

Don't worry - I've got you covered! In this free  17-page guide you'll find:


  • Practical tips on how to prevent summer learning loss
  • Specific, parent-tested suggestions that will help you find time to work with your child - without missing out on all the summer fun
  • More than 10 engaging, hands on learning games, based on the Core Content Curriculum Standards, and specially designed to give your child's learning skill a boost
  • All games come with clear, easy to follow instructions and can be bought at the dollar store or made from things you already have around the house.

You'll also receive new hands on learning games and parenting tips that will help your child be the best they can be, all at no charge.

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