Hands-on Learning Games

Hands-on Learning Games are a great way to help the child who has learning differences learn new concepts and gain valuable skills - all while spending a little quality time with your child. They’re also a lifesaver for parents who find themselves with a child who’s eager to learn, but isn’t really so keen on sitting down to a workbook.

I’ve personally played hands-on learning games with all of my children. This last year, they were the main reason why my new foster daughter (she’s now 5 1/2) was able to jump from a developmental level of 18 months, to nearly 5 years. That’s a jump of over 3 years, in only one year.

Of course it was a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it. You don’t have to invest that amount of time with your child (we worked 5 days a week for about 3 hours a day), but even playing a game for a few minutes once or twice a week can have a noticeable impact.

The one thing that’s annoying is having to make the games yourself….

That’s why I’ve taken 5 of my most popular games and added all the materials you need to play them with your child. You’ll get the instructions, pictures, and songs (if applicable) for a new hands-on learning game for FREE – a new one every week.

And by the way, these games are quite different than the thousands of others you find online. Those games are great for teaching your child concepts, but they don't work on the skills he needs in order to understand those concepts.

I'm talking about things like auditory memory, visual discrimination, and a bunch of other really important skills.

Every game on this site is based on a specific cognitive goal. So when you play these games with your child, they're not just fun - they build your child's brain as well.

Join the other moms, teachers, and other educators who’ve enjoyed having all the fun without the work: