Who am I?

I'm a parent of 8 children, 3 of whom have learning disabilities. I have nearly 25 years experience working with kids and adults of all ages. My specialty is disabilities on the autistic spectrum, and language delays.

The tips you'll find on this site are 100% tested-either by me or by my clients, through my work with parents, schools, and nonprofit organizations. So you're sure to get the stuff that really works.

Having a hard time parenting your LD child?

Want to master the techniques you need to raise your LD child? Teaching the Future gives you the solutions you need in order to raise a happy, healthy, successful child - even if they have learning disabilities.

You already know that raising a child with LD is completely different than raising a neurotypical child. Teaching the Future is all about helping you:

  • eliminate negative behavior like tantrums, stubbornness, and other embarrassing stuff
  • boost your child's cognitive skills with fun hands -on learning games that you can easily make at  home
  • teach your child how to make and keep friends
  • parent like a pro

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Parenting Advice that Works.

You already know that most advice out there isn't meant for parents of LD kids. You need advice that takes into account the special strengths and weaknesses of your child - and keeps in mind that you want results, well, yesterday.

Cheer up; you don't need an advanced degree to learn how to parent your LD child:

  • you don't have to spend weeks or months learning new techniques
  • you don't need to spend a lot of money
  • and it's absolutely not about some new-fangled, untested bunch of techniques waiting to be tested out by unsuspecting parents.

So go ahead, sign up for parenting tips and hands-on learning games that will knock your socks off. You won't find this stuff anywhere else.

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