Looking for the hands on learning game for improving your child's expressive skills? Yep, you've arrived at the right spot.

Here are the instructions and Put on Your Shoes - pix for the game, as well as the downloadable (free of copyright) song called Put On Your Shoes from http://www.DreamEnglish.com.




How to Play the Game:

1. Place the sheet of paper with the pictures in front of your child. Do not cut it up into individual pictures.

2. Sit next to your child (you might even want to put them on your lap if they are small enough).

3. Start the song. Help your child point to the pictures as each one is sung. You can help your child by: holding their hand, and helping them point, pointing and then letting them copy you.

If your child just isn't getting it, you can stop the song after each word is sung, and then tell your child (or show them) where to point. Start the song again, and stop after the next word. When you see they are pointing without you telling them, you no longer need to stop the song.

4. Go through the song twice at the most, and then take a break for the day. You can come back to the song the next day, until your child points easily.

TIP: You can also play this game without the pictures. Simply have your child point to their own shoes, pants, shirt, and hat (they can put one on) when the word is sung.

Have fun! And if you like this activity, forward the link to a friend.