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3 Tips On How to Start the School Year Off On the Right Foot

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School is right around the corner, and if you're like most parents, you probably can't wait until everyone is back at their desks, and gainfully occupied somewhere other than the living room. First day of school

But before you embrace a little freedom, it's worth it to start thinking of a few simple things you can do to help your kids start things off on the right foot.

Starting school again is a big transition: a new teacher, new classroom, and new expectations.

And like all transitions, your child will make the leap from carefree hobo to earnest student a bit easier if you take the time to prepare the way:

Get Back Into the Flow of Things

You don't have to start the first day of school with tired, cranky kids rushing around to get their things together at the last minute. Avoid the arguments and the wear and tear by reading this post on how to get your child ready for school painlessly.

Organize Beforehand

Is your child always digging around trying to find their homework notebook, or a special assignment? This post on helping your child organize their school stuff has plenty of practical advice on helping your child organize their notebooks, use a homework planner, and more.

What NOT to Tell Your Child's Teacher On the First Day of School

Your child takes a a creative soul at heart...

It's not uncommon for parents to feel a need to share information they feel is critical to their child's success in school. Read this article to find out exactly what you absolutely shouldn't share with your child's teacher on the first day of school... or else.

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