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Hands on Learning Games: Use “Goodnight iPad” to Teach Your Child Sequencing Skills

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Improve child's expressive language with Goodnight iPad

Use this great online book to improve your child's memory and sequencing skills.

(Update: This book is no longer available on wegivebooks.org. However, you can still borrow it from your library or buy a copy on Amazon).

As I was browsing the web a few weeks ago I stumbled across a great site for online children's books: wegivebooks.org. There are over 160 online books to choose from, and unlike other sites I've found, many of the books are classic or popular children's books.

Books, for example, like "Llama llama in Pajamas" or "The Snowy Day" sit happily alongside my favorite version of "The Little Engine that Could."

Perhaps the nicest thing about this site - other than the fact that it's free - is that you can choose to donate a book to one of their literary partners, which is a nice way of sharing the fun of reading with those who really need it.

One of my favorite books on the site is called "Goodnight iPad." A spoof on "Goodnight Moon," it's a poke at our 24/7 connectivity to technology. In it, a grandmother sits in a rocking chair trying to find a little bit of peace and quiet, which of course is impossible due to the various beeps, clicks, and dings from iPads, gameboys, and other household electronic necessities.

Grandma decides to take things in her own hands, and starts dumping everything out of the window, to the great distress of every one in the family except the baby, who was until then wandering around the house like a lost puppy.

The illustrations are great; close enough to the original but with a humor of their own. Both you and your kids will love it, and maybe it will inspire you to unplug the family for an hour or so, and get some much needed downtime.

I had such fun reading this book that I decided to use it as the basis of a hands on sequencing game for the modern child:

Goal of the game:

The point of this game is to help your child strengthen her memory and her sequencing skills by reading the story and sequencing the pictures provided below.


- Read the book at: http://www.wegivebooks.org/books/goodnight-ipad?auto_launch=1#

- The pictures available for free download below from Scribd

Hands on Learning: Goodnight iPad

How to play the game:

1. Read "Goodnight iPad" to your child. As you read each electronic item, have your child find the picture of it and place it in order on the table.

2. After you've read 3 items, mix up the items, and have your child put them back in order. Make sure she names each one aloud as she places it in it's place.

3. Continue doing this until you finish reading all the items in the book. You will add 3 new items to the old ones at a time. Each time you finish adding new items, your child will sequence both the new and the old ones.

4. When you finish, mix up all of the pictures, and see if your child can put them back in order again.

5. Now turn the pictures over so they are not visible. See if your child can name the items, in order. If they have trouble doing this, then let them peek at the picture for a second or two, and then name it.

TIP: Children who are more advanced can skip the pictures, and just write the first few lettters of each item down as  a hint.

You can also make this game harder by having your child sequence all of the items both forwards and backwards.


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